My Darkest Secrets.

Hello there. This is where I post how I feel or things that I feel I can relate to. Feel free to check out my blog or ask a question. Submit a photo if you'd like. Bye beautiful.

I don’t know why anybody would like me…

I don’t have nice long blonde hair with blue eyes.
My skin doesn’t look airbrushed, and imperfections on my face are noticeable.
I’m not 100 pounds, and I will never be a size 0.
I’m shy when I first meet people.
I’m not happy 100 percent of the time.
I’m not like everyone else.
I’m not the type of girl guys like..

But one day I hope to find someone who will realize that although I don’t have long blonde hair with ocean blue eyes, that I will never be the size of a Victoria Secret model, and that I’m not happy 100 percent of the time- that my imperfections make me, me. I don’t need to be thin and blonde to be happy with someone. That although I might be shy when I first meet someone that once you know me I never shut up, and I have a personality that nobody else has.
I may not be the perfect girl that EVERY guy is looking guy. But someone will find me perfect in my own way eventually and I just need to find him.

This goes for any girl out there who is trying to change themselve’s to try and make guys like them, don’t bother. You were made that way for a reason, don’t try and change yourself.
If you’re thin or bigger. Blonde or brunette. Blue eyes or brown eyes. Tall or short. You are all beautiful in your own way. Don’t let anybody or society tell you otherwise.